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  • District 11

    One of 8 entertainment districts in [[Perseus Falls | Perseus Falls]]. "Moontown," has a highly active nightlife. It has more casinos than any other district and the most public beachfront.

  • District 1

    The first district was the landing site of the original colonists, now little more than a massive slum of nearly 10 million. The people of district 1 are usually viewed with suspicion and pity. The buildings of district 1 are mostly comprised of old …

  • District 4

    The spaceport district is where all extraplanar vessels exit and enter Perseus Falls.

  • District 15

    "ThePoint," is the highest income district of Perseus Falls. Exclusively private residences of the most wealthy individuals, it is the only district completely inaccessible to the public.

  • Industrial Sector

    [[File:372421 | class=media-item-align-none | tumblr_nakn9icpGh1qhttpto3_1280.jpg]]The various industrial districts house the majority of the factories and processing facilities that produce goods for both local and global clients.

  • District 8

    Eastport is a unique district in that it greatly varies in it's make up. Everything from private resorts along it's extensive beach front to a massive industrial complex and even one of the largest fishing wharfs in [[Perseus Falls | Perseus Falls]].

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