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  • Perseus Falls

    A corporate megacity, named for the founder of the E.W.E. Located on an equatorial peninsula the city has twenty-one districts and over 150 million residents. Each district is divided by waterways and skyrails, some are even walled. Bustling beaches and …

  • Second Moon Colony

    Tera Rena's second largest moon was converted into a space colony, shortly after the planet was settled, in order to handle the vast number of colonists looking to gain citizenship. Ships came from all over the galaxy looking to start a new life, but …

  • The Hub

    A massive space station in orbit around Terra Rena that functions as the galactic headquarters for the E.W.E.

  • Outpost 2

    Outpost 2 was the second city established on Terra Rena and is the smallest of the megacities. While it was once a forward base for exploration of the main continent, it is now a city of over ten million. The city is owned by a corporate security …

  • The Hex

    Tera Rena has seven mega cities, [[Perseus Falls | Perseus Falls]], [[Centura | Centura]], New Atlantis, Viridium, Felnar, and [[Outpost 2 | Outpost 2]]. Each of the cities is part of an area on the main continent known as the Hex. The area between the …

  • Centura

    The second largest city, located in the center most region of [[The Hex | The Hex]]. Designed to be a transit hub connecting the other megacities. Maglev express trains out of Centura can take you to any place within the Hex in a couple hours.

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